At the moment we are working for English translations.

English version of the book “Sungazing”
The book ‘Sungazing’ is a detailed, informative manual and workbook on Sungazing. The book is described in detail how we can safely Sungaze.

In the book, I describe how my physical and mental complaints changed by Sungazing. People suffering from depression, chronic pain and rheumatic diseases, will recognize themselves in my story.

The following aspects are detailed described in the book:
– Practical aspects and facts about Sungazing
– The operation of the technique in the body
– The difference with other treatment methods
– Step by step explanation about my experiences during the journey
– Supporting exercises
– The method of dealing with Sungazing in relation to other regular treatment(s) and medications
– How to handle the positive physical and mental changes by sungazing 
– Changes in eating habits; from “filling” to “food” to “feeding by energy”
– How consciousness develops and why Sungazing helps.

The book gives answers to the most common questions during Sungazing. Through Sungazing I’m fortunate to experience more from the inside. Without something else for need or depending on anything else.

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